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Valentine's Day Party

Each individual playschool class will be having their own Valentine’s party. We are planning to follow the regular classroom routine; however, we will be including a few different games and activities related to the Valentine’s Day theme. We ask that you please send a regular snack on this day. The Carstairs Playschool will be providing cookies for the children to decorate and enjoy as a special treat.

At the Valentine’s Day parties, the children will be handing out their Valentine cards to each of their friends. It is appreciated if you DO NOT write each child’s name on the card. We have found in the past years, that it takes a very long time to hand out the cards and the children get very restless waiting for their turn. If you could just write who the card is from, both Michelle and I will be very grateful!! If you do choose to give out Valentine cards, please give one to each child in the class as to avoid hurt feelings. To ensure you have enough, the Monday/Wednesday morning class has 16 students, Monday/Wednesday afternoon has 8, Tuesday/Thursday morning has 20 and the Tuesday/Thursday afternoon has 17 students.

Miss Marg comes to read to the 4 year old afternoon class (library books due)