Carstairs Playschool is a preschool environment that focuses on kindergarten readiness, healthy active living, positive play, and socialization.

Our Mission

Kindergarten Readiness

We want all children who complete our program to succeed in kindergarten. To ensure their success we practice pre-requisite skills in reading, writing and math. These pre-requisite skills include letter recognition, reading books left to right, linking text with images, hand strength, pencil grip, hand precision, number recognition, shapes and colors.

Healthy Active Living

Our students participate in gym time or outdoor play time. Our facility has a large indoor gym with equipment and a playground across the street. We practice hygiene and encourage healthy snacks.

Positive Play and Socialization

We have a large, open space full of activities and centres  that encourages group and creative play. We emphasize trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.