Board of Directors

The Carstairs Playschool Society is mostly a volunteer organization.  It is the Board of Directors responsibility to operate the Playschool, set the guidelines for the teacher and the educational assistant, ensure that the Child Services regulations are followed and act as a liaison between the staff, parents and governing authorities.

Members of the Playschool Board of Directors are elected at an annual general meeting held in August/September of each year. All board of director positions are a one year term with a maximum of 3 consecutive years. 


Janene Andrews 

The Chairperson looks after day to day operations and includes the Vice-Chairperson if necessary. Both the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson sign all cheques. When the year’s term is over, the outgoing Chairperson is expected to remain available to the Board of Directors.



The Vice-Chairperson assists the Chairpersons with the day to day operations.  This position has the possibility to move to the Chairperson the following year if desired.


Jennifer Kells

The Secretary is responsible for recording all meeting minutes, documenting and distributing the minutes to the rest of the board 2 weeks post meeting


Franca Young

The Scholastic representative provides the families with the monthly flyer, places orders and distributes books.


Mykaela Ryrie

The Fundraising representative seeks, organizes and executes the playschools fundraisers.   They are also responsible for providing the playschools office administrator with all documentation surrounding the fundraisers.


Brandi Slade – 3 Year Old Class Representative

Erin Currie – 4 Year Old Class Representative

The Class representative for each age group is responsible for helping to organize the playschool parties. If in case of a facility emergency the representative will be called upon to notify each individual family for their age group.  

*Any parent of a child registered may attend and participate in monthly board meetings. Please contact the Chairperson to confirm scheduled meeting dates*