Staff at the Carstairs Playschool use a Speech Screening Checklist with all the children attending the program.  If a concern arises staff will communicate it to parents. 

Does my child need speech therapy?

Parents who are concerned about their child's speech, listening, social or communication skills should contact a Speech Language Therapist directly.  A doctor's referral is not required.  The contact for Carstairs area is:

Mr. Garth Schindel

Tel: (403)335-2511 Ext.3


How Speech Therapists can help

A Speech  Pathologist or Speech Therapist can help by conducting an assessment to determine whether a child has appropriate, delayed or impaired speech, language comprehension, expressive communication or literacy skills for their chronological age.  When speech therapy is warranted, the Speech Language Therapist will apply their clinical skills and collaborate with parents and staff to develop a therapy plan that is both functional and relevant to the needs of the child.  

More Information

Alberta Health Services has designed helpful newsletters that contain general guidelines and tips on developing a language-rich environment.

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